Frequently ASked Questions

We get asked several questions quite regularly at the Sanctuary. Here are the answers to those questions.
Q. We want to adopt a dog. Do you have any available?
      A. No, we are not an adopting rescue. When a dog comes to Pug Hollow Sanctuary they do so for end of life care.
Q. Can you take in my large dog, young healthy dog or cat?
      A. No. We do not take in large dogs, young healthy dogs or cats. This includes pregnant animals.
Q. What are your criteria for a Pug Hollow dog?
      A. To be considered for residency at Pug Hollow Sanctuary a dog must be less than 25 pounds in weight, and either over 10 years old or terminally ill.  Due to high demand, Pug Hollow is always at capacity and extremely limited intake is done on a case by case basis.
Q. How do we donate?
      A.  Please see our Donate page for ways you can support Pug Hollow. At this time we don't have a platform for recurring donations, but most online bill pay services available through your bank can set up a recurring payment to Pug Hollow Sanctuary.
Q. You have how many dogs? You must be hoarders.
      A.  Yes, we have a whole Horde of dogs. No, we aren't hoarders. Our dogs live in a clean, climate controlled residence where they have all the attention they want, fresh water, fresh blankets and beds to lay upon, a diet appropriate for their specific needs, any required medications to keep them comfortable and as healthy as possible, and regular veterinary care. They are fully vaccinated, de-wormed regularly and treated with flea, tick and heart-worm preventative.