Tiny Bits of Life at the Hollow

Pug Hollow Sanctuary

Pug Hollow is a companion animal sanctuary devoted to helping terminal, critical care, and long term care small dogs live out their lives in peace, happiness and luxury.

Today's report from Amarillo:

Love-pug, aka the Blind Badger, got her ear pinched at feeding time. This resulted in a murderous but thankfully blind and ineffective rampage against every living being within a 5 foot radius.
Auggie went walkabout in the back yard, and hid behind the well house, resulting in a frantic search by the Sister.
Speedy and Raspugin decided to fight over a food bowl, resulting Raspugin’s ‘moob’ getting bit and the pair having to be put in time out. Oh and apparently the ‘moob’ is highly vascular, and Raspugin bled all over the kitchen from a tiny tooth scrape.
Daffy has learned how to use the stairs onto the bed, giving the Sister the fits, because she’s afraid Daffy will fall, and pestering the Pop all night long.
Studly has spent his day with the Pop, eating peanuts and watching TV. The Pop calls him “Charmer”
Vinnie provided assistance taking out the trash.
Fitz has been barking with the precise 30 degree head tilt that is obviously required. He refuses to shut up.
And Fizzy has been renamed. Her new moniker is not usable in polite company.

July 15th 2018