Tiny Bits of Life at the Hollow

Pug Hollow Sanctuary

Pug Hollow is a companion animal sanctuary devoted to helping terminal, critical care, and long term care small dogs live out their lives in peace, happiness and luxury.

Forget the dogs... beware the human.

There are days that I swear someone is going to get bit at the Sanctuary, and it’s not going to be by one of the dogs.
We had a problem with our breaker panel today, and had to have an electrician out on an emergency call. ¬†Our usual electricians (who are FANTASTIC) weren’t sure they could make it out, and so we went with a random other electrician.

He arrived quickly and got us back up and running which was wonderful.

What was not wonderful was his attitude, and his decision to be a condescending jack-wagon. He took the opportunity to attempt to lecture me in an overly familiar manner about everything from how to care for the dogs (I should have just put them outside in cages in 90+ degree weather rather than using the cool air from the crawlspace to keep the more vulnerable ones at a temperature that won’t kill them), to the fact that we just needed to get rid of them because they’d wreck the house and make us sick.

At that point he was told that while I appreciated him coming out and getting us fixed up, I didn’t have any use for his opinion, and the only other thing I needed from him was the bill.

Once he was gone, I made sure to close and lock the gate behind him. I’m all peopled out for the weekend.

June 15th 2018