Tiny Bits of Life at the Hollow

Pug Hollow Sanctuary

Pug Hollow is a companion animal sanctuary devoted to helping terminal, critical care, and long term care small dogs live out their lives in peace, happiness and luxury.

Tuesday update

Ok… so… Electrician got back with us on the breaker panel replacement. $500 for parts and labor. It’s a very reasonable cost, but still a bit of an ouch. He comes out Saturday so I’ve a few days to sell art and see what I can scrape together.

Plumber comes out tomorrow to take a look at the likely fried pressure switch and replace it. Hopefully water will be restored after that. We’re hoping it won’t be too dear in price.

HVAC will be out tomorrow or the next day to fix whatever fried on the AC compressor unit. We have a line of credit with the HVAC company so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I have to make a trip to Amarillo this weekend to retrieve the dogs (assuming AC can be restored). I will need to come up with about $160 to make the trip. Ordinarily not an issue but with all the other $ going out this will also be a concern.

If you feel like helping the Sanctuary you can donate dog food, donate through Paypal, make a donation through Fundrazr, or buy some art. I do great custom paintings of pets or memorial boxes or I can paint a generic portrait or keepsake box of any dog, cat, horse, bird, fox, possum, wolf, hawk, flower…  Anything but people. All of our ways to donate are here: http://www.pughollowsanctuary.org/donate.php

We hugely appreciate your help, no matter the form it takes, from sharing posts, to buying art, to just sending us kibble.

July 18th 2018