Adoptable Dogs

Every once in a long while, Pug Hollow will take in a dog who is either healthy or whose health conditions are minor enough to allow that dog to be placed out. When that happens, every effort is made to find that dog the perfect furever home

Adopting from Pug Hollow is a 3 stage process.

Stage 1: Read Pug Hollow's Adoption Policies and fill out an adoption application (Below)

Stage 2: An adoption coordinator from Pug Hollow will contact you to discuss your application and possibly schedule a home visit/meet and greet with the dog at your home.

Stage 3: Meet & Greet/Home Visit at your home and hopefully an adopton

Pug Hollow will always take a dog back into the Sanctuary, no questions asked.

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Adoption Policies

  1. I understand that non-compliance with the terms of the adoption agreement would give Pug Hollow Sanctuary the right to reclaim the dog without refund of adoption fee.
  2. I understand that Pug Hollow Sanctuary reserves the right to follow up on any placed dog’s health and welfare at any time, in any manner necessary.
  3. I agree to be personally responsible for ensuring that the dog shall be kept and cared for in the following manner:
    • The dog will be kept as an indoor, family pet who is not crated for extended periods of time
    • The dog will be provided with adequate love, attention and activity
    • The dog will be provided appropriate food, treats and toys
    • The dog will be provided appropriate identification at all times and walked on a harness
    • The dog will be provided appropriate and necessary veterinary care in the form of regular checkups, dental care, vaccinations, dewormings, and care for any injuries or health conditions that may arise.
    • The dog will be provided adequate training (house training, and obedience) to ensure the safety and health of the dog.
  4. I understand that Pug Hollow Sanctuary makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the health or temperament of the dog. I agree that if I adopt the dog I will be solely responsible for the dog and any damages that may result from his or her actions. Pug Hollow Sanctuary shall not be held liable for the behavior of the dog or any damages he or she  may cause.
  5. I understand that while Pug Hollow expects a dog to be a lifetime commitment, if I cannot keep the dog, under no circumstances may the dog be surrendered to a animal control facility or shelter or given away.  If I am unable to keep the dog I will contact Pug Hollow Sanctuary.

Adoption Application

What activity level is your home?

Are all adults in agreement?

Is this your first dog?

Do you have a veterinarian?

Are you interested in and willing to adopt a special needs dog?

I have read and understand Pug Hollow's Adoption Policies