Dog Food Drive

Want to help feed the Pug Hollow Horde? There are a lot of ways you can!

If you are in the Oklahoma City Metro area, Pug Hollow will pick up your donations at the location of your choice. Just email us at to make a pick up date.

You can also can dog food online for pickup at our local Tractor Supply in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The information needed to do that is below.

You can also donate by buying items off our Amazon Wishlist. If you purchase through the link below, and choose Pug Hollow Sanctuary as your Amazon Smile charity, we will receive the donation from your eligible purchase as well as the item!

If you want to donate via Chewy, please email us first for the Hollow's street mailing address.

Currently we feed the following:

Diamond Naturals Beef and Rice - most of our dogs eat this
Kal Kan or Retriever Dry Dog Food for the large farm dogs (Pippa and Zebulon) and large sanctuary dogs (Peaches, Rhys and Byron)
Bella wet dog food for Ruth
Beyond Beef, Green bean and Potato wet food for Remy