$1 Can make a difference

I'd like to take a moment and put something out into the world, and hopefully into your heads.... Currently Pug Hollow Sanctuary, due to low donations, and scarcity of grants, is 90% to 95% funded through the donations of two board members from their own personal income. This works on paper and in the short term, but it limits what can be done, and puts the Sanctuary in a precarious position. If one of the board members has an income change for the worse, the Sanctuary would be in very real danger of closing, and would have to make some very hard decisions.


We have 482 followers on Facebook, 877 followers on Twitter, and 303 followers on Instagram. If we assume that only half of those are viable/actual followers... that's still 831 followers.

Our monthly expenses at the Hollow are between $500 and $600 for food, basic vet care and flea control. 

I'll give you a moment to do the math...

Yep... That's right... If HALF of our followers gave just $1.00 a month, we would be 100% funded, with padding for building an emergency vet care/dental fund, and able to turn the money we spend right now into improvements for the Sanctuary (yard expansion, better flooring, a riding mower...)

Something to think about folks... Could you give up $1 a month to support old dogs? That's less than the cost of a small cup of coffee at your local gas station and far less than you pay at Starbucks! And over the course of the year that's less than the cost of a fast food meal for two!

How many people do you know that could do the same?

You can donate through PayPal. You can mail us a check. You can have your bank send us a draft.  You can throw a dollar in an envelope and send it (though we don't recommend that method...)

You can even set out a donation jar if you have somewhere to do so, or take up a collection from your friends, family or coworkers, and send the results. 

Please consider joining us in supporting the Horde, and commit to a donation of a single dollar each month.

Pug Hollow Sanctuary
PO Box 244
Prague, OK 74864