Get a Painting & Support the Hollow

Our very own artist has partnered up with Pug Hollow Sanctuary to offer custom portraits. These portraits are acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, and they're painted directly from your picture. These portraits are donated at no cost to the Sanctuary, so 100% of the donation stays with us!

The donations and shipping to the continental US listed below are determined by the size of the painting. For shipping to other locations please contact us.

Memorial and keepsake boxes are also available in the following sizes/configurations:
Box A: 4 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 2 3/8" - Single dog plus 3 small embellishments and name - $35 plus $10 shipping/packing - Felt lining available for an extra $5
Box B:
5 7/8" x 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" - Single dog plus 3 small embellishments and name - $50 plus $10 shipping/packing -Felt lining available for an extra $5

You can donate via the Paypal link below, or by mailed check to the address beneath that.

Photos and shipping addresses can be emailed to

A well lit high resolution photo focused on the dog's face works best, especially for paintings under 9x12. Fully body photos will have less facial detail, as do shadowed portraits. The artist keeps the backgrounds simple to emphasize the portrait. The default background color is blue or green. If you have a color preference, please make it known when you send your pictures.

Photos that will work well:

Photos that will not work well:

Comments from Happy Patrons

"These are a steal. amazing likeness of your baby, I have one of my Lola who crossed the bridge 3 years ago. Great cause to support. Win, win."

"I adore sweet Simon! You should get yours, too!"

"I couldn't believe it.. that was our favorite place to go so beautiful and were we could be alone together in nature. So many times and his fav place as is one of mine that we shared time together. Thank you soo much! Will keep this forever."

"I received the painting and it is perfection. We will treasure this little painting forever."

Pug Hollow Sanctuary
PO Box 244
Prague, OK 74864

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